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Accredited member (President of AEI, WIDU) of the European Association International Education- EIAE- ID 146559

Global Education System - GES

 The further development of society depends on fundamental decisions and in particular of Global Problems. Global problems have the important value in life of all mankind. Everyone, be he the scientist, the businessman, the politics, should reveal seriously above the further destiny of our joint residing on our planet. Global problems began to be solved the United Nations Organization in key directions of ability to live of the Person and the Society  

For the decision of global problems the specialists must have fundamental grounding in many areas of a science, techniques, and humanitarian disciplines in a complex. The connoisseurs should possess the creative approach and bring original decisions in global problems. It is impossible to be limited to standard training on the PhD at common university (the USA, Europe). The professionals should improve the knowledge during all creative life. Three events have affected formation of the GES: Fundamental Researches on the global problems in 1959-1974; Researches on problems of Informatization of a society and the education in 1975- 1992; The positive attitude of Secretary of the United Nations to the Global Education system and creating the special commission on formation of the program of preparation of doctors and grand doctors of philosophy. Short story of IIA   

Project Global Education System assumes transition from the current three-level system of higher education with award of degrees BS, MS, PhD to a four-level system with degrees BS, MS, PhD, and Grand PhD, which would be the highest scientific degree with the status of "Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Grand PhD)" being offered to outstanding scientists . This structure has passed a test in 1993-97 and was licensed in 1998 and entered into the charter of Academy AEI in 1999.

To receive the INTERNATIONAL degree of PhD from the WIDU it is necessary to have the NATIONAL degree of PhD, to publish 15-20 scientific papers, to find an original solution of some problem, to prepare an original thesis.

The Degree of Grand Doctor of Philosophy is awarded to the Doctor of Philosophy, having more than 100 scientific works, three monographs and taking part in preparation of 10-20 Doctors of Philosophy. This is why it is necessary to look for outstanding persons having experience in the decision of global problems.

The primary goal of the AEI and the WIDU is to achieve the world recognition 4-level Education system (bachelor - MS-PhD-Grand PhD) in comparison with 3-level (bachelor - MS-PhD). Last, unfortunately, dominates all over the world.

One of ways of recognition 4-level Education systems (bachelor - MS-PhD-Grand PhD) is the conclusion of the agreement on recognition (accreditation) between two universities or the organizations.

Agreements with 90 universities other organizations are signed. The World Information Distributed University - WIDU and the European Informatization Academy - A.E.I. in the status of the international organizations have the state accreditation in Armenia, in Mongolia, at a level of republics and areas in Russia: the Tatarstan Republic, the Chechen Republic and the Penza area, signed by Ministers of science and education and Governors.

Accreditation in the world

Having used position, that according to the Belgian Constitutional Law education is one of the absolute freedoms in Belgium, the administration of Academy has accepted the offer of International Academy of sciences (IAS) in San Marino about 4 level to an education system and has received from it the sanction to accreditation and the license for educational activity on global problems (preparation PhD and Grand PhD for all Europe).

Accreditation in Europe

The information in which all kinds of activity above the project the Global Education system are reflected is submitted on sites:   


Recognition of Global Education System 

Accreditation and recognition of the Global Education system (GES)


On behalf of the United Nations and International Telecommunication Union in 1995, the International Informatization Academy (IIA) in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN has started to award new degrees of PhD (International) and Grand PhD to experts for solving of global problems. This work has served as the beginning of recognition of four level (BS-MS-PhD - Grand PhD) education system.

Such basic ideas, as the Distributed processing of the information, the Informatization of a society, the World distributed universities and the New scientific degrees of PhD (International) and Grand PhD, have laid down in a basis of the Global Education System (GES) and registered as certificates-licenses in 1995-1998.

        In 1997 1998, the IIA in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN has created a functional university (World Information Distributed University -WIDU).The IIA has transferred to the WIDU an awarding the all scientific degrees and ranks, including International PhD and Grand PhD. .

        The professors of university have determined rules of training and awarding of scientific degrees. The university is scientific educational non-profitable association, which it conducts training and awarding of scientific degrees free-of-charge. The university accepts only donations. The president of the WIDU carries out the activity free-of-charge. Departments of the WIDU together with other universities spend grounding and awarding of scientific degrees. The international committee consisting of 7-9 outstanding scientists with degree Grand PhD is responsible for final award of a degree to any expert. Management of the WIDU is limited to formal signing of documents. The university can be in the different countries as it is distributed. The location of office of the president of the WIDU determines a position of university.

        The WIDU proposed an additional organization (the BAKK) for Russia and the former countries USSR. The Highest Attestation Qualification Committee (BAKK) is a scientific public association for attestation of experts for degrees of Kandidat Nauk (PhD) and Doktor Nauk (Grand PhD). Diplomas of BAKK are legally used in RF at nongovernmental scientific institutions and commercial organizations. The WIDU, as the functional university of the IIA in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN, continues to work on grounding of experts with degree PhD (International) and Grand PhD for the solving of global problems. From 1997 on 2000, The location of office of the President of the WIDU was Russia.

         The president of the WIDU moved to Belgium and headed the Academie Europeenne d'Informatisation (A.E.I) since 2000. The Minister of Justice of Belgium has signed the legal Status of the AEI- Art.3. Titres honorifiques, which was proposed by the functional university WIDU of the IIA in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN. .  The Royal Decree of 19 September 1999 enables the AEI to legally operate in Belgium as an international association with corporate personality.  According to its statutes, this association can indeed open a university in accordance with the Belgian legislation on this matter

         Education is free in Belgium. Belgium is the place of residence only. For WIDU it is enough operate as a free institution.


 Accreditation and recognition of the Global Education system (GES) is complex enough.

The WIDU has tested many schemes of accreditation and recognition of GES with positive success.

        Bilateral accreditation and recognition of the Global Education system (GES) is the most important. This way here is widely used for recognition GES. A global Education system (GES) is recognized more than 1000 organizations.

        Academy- AEI and University -WIDU have signed the agreement on the state recognition with Armenia and Mongolia.

        Ministers of a science and education of Tatarstan, the Chechen Republic and Penza have signed the agreement on recognition GES.

A Global Education System (GES) is recognized by:

  • The State Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, which is the main  scientific centre of the Republic, included 21 research institutes, 3 science centers, has signed the agreement with the AEI.
  • The Russian Rectors' Union has signed the agreement with the WIDU. About 800 rectors of higher educational institutions of Russia are members of the Union.
  • The International Academy of sciences (IAS) in San Marino has accredited the WIDU and issued a license for GES.
  • The Association FESAMA has recognized Diplomas of PhD (International) and Grand PhD and recommends to the members of the institution in all countries to recognize the activities and certificates granted by the WIDU.
  • The Association on accreditation AIHACC has decided to recognize Diplomas of Int. PhD, Grand PhD and Certificates conferred by the WIDU and recommends to members of all organizations to recognize Diplomas and Certificates of the WIDU.
  • The International Association of Educators for World Peace (M.E) has accredited Int. PhD and Grand PhD.
  • The way of accreditation by means of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles) is used also. In this system it is required, that the university has been included in the list of the national Ministry of Education. At such university, it is possible to create the department with recognition of GES. The Tomsk State University (TSU), the Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (TSUAB), the European Academy of Informatisation - (AEI), the World Information Distributed University ,the Russian Ecological Fund "TechEco", the Union of Rectors of Russia, the Association of Peace Funds created the Department TSU - AEI - TechEco and the Department TSUAB - WIDU - TechEco.
  • One of ways of recognition GES has been offered owing to the original agreement between the University of Wales, Lampeter, UK and the International University. One of the oldest universities Lampeter (1822) and International University (1992) has signed the agreement in March 1996. The agreement provides cooperation and recognition of the academic status of both universities, and an opportunity independently from each other to identify the academic statuses of other universities at high quality performance of education. Such original approach allows expanding a network of universities with a high level of quality of education, not resorting to structures of accreditation, which cannot keep up in sufficient measure needs of a society in development of new education systems. Academy - AEI and University - WIDU have signed the agreement with the International University about cooperation and recognition.
  • The European Academy of Informatisation (AEI) and the World Information Distributed University (WIDU) has suggested a Global Education System (GES) with awarding of two additional scientific degrees International PhD and Grand PhD. The International University of Fundamental Studies (IFUS) has signed the agreement with the AEI and the WIDU concerning the GES. The International Parliament of Safety and Peace (IPSP) accredit the IFUS. The IPSP has given the full right to award scientific degrees of the International PhD and Grand PhD officially recognized by all States (more than 155), entering in IPSP-New Association of the Nations (NSN) as the Intergovernmental Organization of States (IOS). 
  • The Academie Europeenne de l'Informatisation - (AEI ), the World Information Distributed University (WIDU)  and the West Coast University (WCU) incorporated in Panama, Central America have signed the DECLARATION OF SITE AFFILIATION AGREEMENT.  

    West Coast University (WCU) is the global university offering degree programs through its affiliated colleges-worldwide. West Coast University (WCU) is also a licensed institution of A.E.I and World Information Distributed University (WIDU). WCU is also a consultant member of the University Consortium based in Central America. All member universities of this University Consortium are accredited by their respective Ministries of Education and are listed with UNESCO. WCU has been granted a Parliamentary Decree that bears full validity and recognized by Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961, (1963). WCU also offers dual degree programs with Universidad San Juan De La Cruz, a recognized and Accredited University by the Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, Central America, through the National Council on Higher Education Private Universities (CONNESUP). It is also listed in UNESCO under the international Association of Universities and in the International Handbook of Universities an official Directory of International Accredited Universities published by United Nations. WCU has affiliated colleges and students in Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, UAE, Lebanon, Nigeria, Zambia, Gambia, Antigua, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.


         West Coast University (WCU) is also a Provisional Member of the "Global University Network for Innovation" (GUNI), which is composed of Higher Education UNESCO Chairs and other institutions that are highly committed to innovation in higher education. GUNI was set up by UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU) and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).