Diploma in Clinical Research

Diploma in Clinical Research

Diploma in Clinical Research

Course Description

Course Overview

This is a four months course will be offered by the WIDUEDU along with Ethraa for Consultation and Training. It is accredited by the Dubai Health Authority.

Physicians should be trained on how to conduct clinical research. This is not only to conduct the research by them, but it is also important for easy understanding while reading any research paper.

Research is very vital to physician’s everyday decision making.  It arms them from wrong information and save time and money.  It is important to their success as they take on life’s challenges and career decisions making.

Disease pattern differ from country to another, and the only accurate and evidence based way to understand our own disease pattern is to conduct our own local research.

The course will runs with duration of about 4 months, with 14 days of lectures and workshops (schedule attached). It sets a high standard academically with 2 student’s presentation and 1 exam.

By the end of the diploma, student will be able to present their research report. Potential students (most of whom are working people) should be aware that the course imposes a fairly severe academic work load on participants – that is, it is no “walkover” academically, and this needs to be weighed up carefully in regard to their employment work load.





A four months course – lectures will be held almost every week in the major lecture centre in Dubai.   .

Target audience:

  1. Doctors any specialty
  2. Nurses

Course Content

Introduction to clinical research

  • The definition of research
  • The history of research
  • The importance of clinical research

Research question

  • Selecting research topic
  • Formulating research question
  • Formulating research hypothesis
  • Types of research hypothesis
  • Writing research objectives

Literature review 

  • The benefit of literature review
  • The methods of literature review

Study Design

  • Primary study
  • Qualitative study
  • Cross sectional study
  • Cohort study
  • Case control study
  • Randomized clinical trial
  • Secondary study

Study participants

  • Study population
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Sample size
  • Sample type

Investigation tool

  • Skills of writing questionnaire

Ethical approval

  • Research ethics
  • Inform consent

Data collection

Data analysis

  • Type of data
  • Using SPSS program

Research writing

  • Proposal writing
  • Report writing

Research error and bias 


Provided a student achieves the necessary pass mark in exam and successfully pass the research proposal and report presentation, he / she will receive the ETHRAA official Diploma in Packaging Technology.  A pass mark is 50%.

Student who failed in the overall exam and presentation will be given certificate of attendance only vy Ethraa for consultation and training


Our lecturers will be drawn from the academic field.

The main lecturer is Dr. Ebtihal Darwish (CV attached)

Entrance Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in medicine
  2. Nursing diploma
  3. Good English skill
  4. Attendance of at least 75% of lectures 

About Instructor

prof. dr.mohamed Elsaadany

prof. dr.mohamed Elsaadany

 Cares academy Middle east - GULF

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